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Thank-you for visiting our website. We hope that we were successful in inspiring you all to go out there and explore!

A little bit about us:


We are a nomadic couple with an ideal job of working from the beach. Okay, no. Not really… but in our dreams we sure do 😀

To the contrary, we are corporate junkies who actually work 9-5 in that cubicle (I know, boring!!) but hey.. who said only nomads could have all the fun? We live and breathe adventure and exploring unique places is the fuel to our fire. Both of us happen to be engineers who pursue travel blogging and photography as a passion. Growing up we got to travel extensively (thank-you moms & dads!). My husband more so than me, he had probably seen 4 continents before he even turned 10. While I got introduced to travelling solo as a young teenager who flew to Thailand every year to see her family. Having been born and raised in a culturally and traditionally rich country – India, we are constantly intrigued by various cultures and traditions around the world.  Our journey brought us to the United States for further studies over a decade ago and now we call this home until there is another calling.

Traveling is not just a passion but a lifestyle for us 🙂 

About travel blogging:

Having said all that, we understand the pain of managing a work-vacation balance especially when it comes to planning one by yourself. We tend to spend hours reading travel magazines, online travel blogs and asking friends & family & even strangers sometimes for suggestions. In an attempt to give back and share the love, we decided to start this travel blog. We share our experiences here along with travel stories, fun facts, tips, planning guides and photos from all around the world. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy putting it together for you. 

About photography:

We are both photographers who like to indulge in travel photography. Hence we plan ahead of time studying the places we want to capture and the time of the day we would want to be there. Both of us have our own unique style of photography which brings a variety in our collection. 

Our hope with this blog is to get you all excited to go out and about. If you have any travel related questions or request for a certain topic for us to write about or you want to collaborate with us – Leave us a note here or any of our social media pages on Instagram or Facebook .

We’d love to hear from you!

Lots of love & travel,

Gaurav & Richa



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  1. Thrilled, excited and loved every bit of this page. Wonderful job both of you !Well-documented and beautiful captures. I will keep checking this page for my next travel destinations 😉

  2. Beautiful pictures, breath-taking views, exotic locations feel like going to all these places just now. Will definitely refer your blogs before going. Fab work. 👌👍👍

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